Teflon Moly Coating

Molybdenum Disulfide Coating, (sometimes called Tephlon Moly or Moly Teflon) is a self lubricating finish that protects your firearm from scratches, rust and corrosion.  This rust-resistant coating is applied to your firearm and thermally cured for a hardened protective finish.  During the curing process, the formula penetrates into the tiny pores of the surface being treated, which makes it extremely durable and scratch resistant. As the firearm is used, the heavy wear areas such as barrels and rails expose more Teflon molecules to continue to protect and lubricate. 

This coating is extremely helpful when it comes time to clean your weapon. The coating does not allow dirt, carbon and unburned powder sludge to stick to your finish so clean up is a breeze. Just spray some of your favorite cleaner on a towel or on your field stripped weapon and wipe it clean. The grim just seems to fall off. Then lightly oil the high wear areas and now you have completely serviced your firearm quicker than ever before.

Many design options are available.  We can do solid colors and patterns, but we also have the ability to take your photos, ideas or custom designs and use them to transform your firearm into a custom, one-of-a-kind piece.  We have done everything from standard one-color designs to complex camouflage patterns that will make your firearm practically invisible in the right environment!  We can do themes of any kind, snakeskin, lightning, flames, or anything else you can dream up! We can also incorporate laser engraving so use your imagination and call us to discuss your custom design.

Stand out next time you are practicing at the firing range.  Sure there are a lot of guns out there that may look like yours now, but wait until they see your newly refinished gun with your favorite colors or design.

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